Truth About Men When They Fall In Love

Being a man, often they are assumed with a simple mind that easily distracted by trivia things and do not really affected by their feeling. However, when men fall in love, do they really skipped the long restless night, complicated feeling and unexplainable anxiety that most of the women do? What actually goes in men’s head when they truly fall in love? Also Read How To Make A Guy Keep Interested In You

Actually, men feel the same emotions as women when it comes to love. The differences are, unlike women who might overwhelmed with emotion when the love struck, men fall in love bit by bit like a colorful journey in a lifetime. There are several phases of emotion that slowly shake their fort of coolness, until at the end completely swept them off their feet.

Truth about Men When They Fall in Love

It is all begin with a simple interest and attraction, which are truly by physical appearance. Yes, most of men are that shallow in regards of first impression. But this attraction will grow into appreciation when he find another traits that far more appealing than physical appearance. This will eventually lead to basic courting, a time for men trying to get women’s attention. This stage is actually still far away from saying the letter L, for they can just simply end the pursue if the woman does not show any interest, often without any scratch on their heart.

And the story will go forward when the women give positive response to men’s advance. This is the time when he can be very sweet, attentive and often nudge in women’s personal space. Their purpose is to get women notice them and give them chance to get closer. By this time, some of women are actually start looking through cotton candy glasses of love, though it is still long journey for the men from falling in love. They may sincerely want to make women happy, and tried their best to impress them, but that’s it. The truth is, they still unsure if they want that woman to love them or not.

After some weeks, months, or seasons of spending time together, where casual dates or even the spicier ones are spend, then comes time to make decision. By this stage, usually men already very sure that the woman had fallen in love, head over the heels with them. They will take few steps back to really ask their heart if they really need her, will she make them happy? And the most important thing; if he is ready to love.

If the answer turns out to be yes, then this will be a happy ending love story for both parties. Men will love wholeheartly and as strong and true as any romance movie hero women can imagine. Sadly, if after some muse men are still not convinced to love, they can just leave the girl without any real problem, other than they had lost interest. Men will not consider a woman is actually ‘the one’ in the early stage, since basically they just pursue their initial physical interest. To be fair, women also go through the same stage when fall in love, only it comes in roller coaster ride that usually haze logic and judgment and make them falling faster than men.

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