Words That Trigger Man’s Emotion

Words are a human weapon that more powerful that you can imagine. The art of spoken word has been learned and researched from time to time. We used it in daily activity, for example when we persuade someone or selling something. In another hand, words also can hurt deeply if we utter them unwisely. Gary Chapman wrote in his book “Love as Way of Life” that words can be used as bullets or seeds. If you say words as seeds with a sincere feeling of love, you can build a relationship in a beautiful and healthy way.

Knowing the best words that will work for men in particular, is a great advantage on your relationship. Most of men are logical and analytical being, so most of the time they need logic reasons to do something. However, some right words or phrase can trigger man’s emotion in such way and make him does things that he usually doesn’t. These deeds can only successfully executed if you have mastered your own emotion and truly care for him. If you want to take control of your relationship, you need to be the one who cool-headed, patient, and smart while use the right words, at the right moment.

Words That Trigger Man’s Emotion

Express Yourself Clearly

The biggest mistake is to want him automatically understand when you got a change of mood or feeling displeased. Your man does not have a sixth sense, and he will not understand why neglecting to text you once he arrived home safely is unacceptable if you don’t explain it to him logically. Speak up and explain what you need. Begin www.ourhealthissues.com/product/arcoxia/ your sentences with words of encouragement, show him that your intention is not to keep track on him. Explain to him that it will give you peace of mind to know he save at home and not having a road accident or else. Never blame him or accuse him first with phrases like “you should have told me” or “where you have been last night”, he will just automatically shut you out and take your concern as merely nagging.

The point is to show him your feeling without blaming anyone. Show him that if he does certain thing, it will be much appreciated and make you feel happy. If he really care about you, he will love to make you happy provide your needs. However, if you try to express your feeling by stating list of demands and don’ts, he might feel controlled and cornered.

Words to trigger his desire

Explaining what you want in terms of sex life will also trigger his emotion and desire. You will be surprised how right words will make him crazy when you spend intimate time together. A simple “I want you” that uttered sincerely and meaningfully will ensure him that you are mutually attracted to him. When he seduces you, blatantly tell him that “I love it when you do that”. It will boost his confidence and encourage him to want you more. A good sex life is an important aspect for building a strong and healthy relationship. If words can help you achieve that, why not start planting a happy ‘seeds’ in your relationship.

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